Saturday, January 26, 2008

Last Saturday @ Kyma

Don't know where to begin on this one. It was a dream come true to have a night of hanging out watching skate videos in Annapolis. DJ T.E.C. invited us to shows some videos and spotlight a little project Blose and I have been working out with the help of Fila, who came out and gave out raffle tickets to win shoes and clothes. It was a great night with all kinds of heads coming from all 4 corners of the Maryland skate landscape. Special shout out to my girl 'S.K. Downs unlimited 2008 all rights reserved' for coming through with some great photos. Thanks to all the heads who came out from all over.
Photo captions are something like this {top to bottom, left to right}
-you could be a winner
-Blose and his son Jordan
-Matt House and Chelsea
-Brian Taylor's middle finger, Ed Fickert, Tony Thomas, and Jake Mendelson = Baltimore's 3 Finest Son's
-crowd shot
-Leonard Brown, Chris Janz and Jeremy Owens, 3 generations of Annapolis Skateboaring