Thursday, February 7, 2008

When it Sprains it Pours

While 2008 (or as Ed has approppriatley named it Two Thousand Skate!) has been one of the greatest years in Seven fold company history, it's been a brutal start for our team. If we were an NBA team we would only have about 6 men dressed and would be calling up all of our D-League players. Any stupid suggestions I might have been making about retiring to work behind the scenes are killed, don't worry kids the 180 nosegrinds are back on lock, take your time healing up.

Here's the official Seven fold team 'Injury Update'

Kyle Jensen - knee/back - possible career ending
Jordan Puett - knee - day to day
Chris Blose - toe up - 2 - 6 weeks
Jake Mendelson - ankle - 2 months
Chris Teta - ankle - 4 - 6 weeks