Monday, January 12, 2009

Quality First, Still

The end of the year doing some cleaning I came across this old Patience Deck from 2002, it was a 'warranty' deck because it broke the first day the kid bought it, but honestly I know it was not our defect, but we gave them a replacement anyway. This warranty deck stood out for me, because it is so rare. I pulled it out and have it hanging in the office now as a testament to what we are about is what we have always been about. Making the best quality products with the best quality manufacturing in the world which just happens to be the American workforce. By paying a little more for something that lasts a whole lot longer we also strengthen our own community by keeping all of the dollars at home.

2008 ended on a theme of resounding change.

We have been doing the right thing for so long now making the best products here in the USA, building our economy one deck at a time since 2001.

2009 lets hope the world wakes up, we are not changing a thing!