Friday, August 29, 2008

Fav's - Konrad Crispino

The greatest skateboard story to every make it out of the neighborhood of Pigtown in Baltimore, Konrad has witnessed first hand the ebb and flow of skateboarding in his city for the better part of 2 decades. A community activist crucial in all the events surrounding the early Pigtown park and the current bowl in Carrol Park. THE graphic artist for iconic Fells Point skate shop Select. And a guy who came into the Sevenfold camp early on who helped to forge a major staple in our brand identity and has remained our primary artist. A major force with the nonprofit Skatepark of Baltimore trying to get a world class concrete park built in the city. And this year on top of all that he can add the proud title of Father to his impressive resume.

Here are your lucky 13 questions -

Favorite Seven Fold graphic you have done?
My favorite graphic was the mahjong tiles.

Favorite Pigtown locals from each of the different parks over the years?
There are only a couple. Kramer always skated fast and did big tricks. Stefan, Andrew and Danny are killing the Carroll park.

Favorite old board graphics?
Its a tie between Mark Gonzales or Natas Kaupus.

Favorite new artists?
Billy Mode, Ryan McGuiness and Andy Howell

Favorite Skatepark of Baltimore fundraiser?
I would have to say The Fight Club art opening was awesome. People from Washington to Baltimore and in between attended the event to eat grilled burgers, drink beer, skate the bowl ramp, and buy art. It was a great event.

Favorite thing about the Nazi ramp?
I brought one of my black friends to skate the ramp one day, and he noticed “keep america clean! Kill all spics, niggers, and jews” written the on ramp. I asked the owner about the message and he replied, “I am not a racist” yet he could not explain his friend’s actions. Funny thing is he did not try to mark out the message for weeks!

Favorite time drinking St. Ides?
I went to the club in DC with a friend. I drank a 40 and ate a bag of chips on the way up. As soon as I opened the door to get out of the car, I puked my brains out just as these two girls were walking by. I cleaned myself up and made the best of the night. I think I stopped drinking St. Ides after that event.

Favorite Andy Coons story?
I laugh everytime I tell this story. We were walking thru an ally in Pigtown. I was three feet ahead of him and he stops and bends down near a pile of trash bags. I asked him what he was doing and he replied,”I‘m going to pet this cat.” Andy was not wearing glasses nor contacts. I looked over and noticed that it was not a cat, it was a really big rat. I yelled, “STOP, THAT IS A RAT!” I’ve never seen Andy move so fast in my life!

Favorite times and heads at Select?
I met alot of cool people at Select. Shout out to Ed, Chris, Ernie, Fritz! Fells Point festival was always a riot. I will never forget the memory of a guy undressing himself and breakdancing in his leopard pattern thongs on a cardboard box in front of the store.

Favorite Lansdowne session?
Some of my favorite sessions at Landsowne were with good friends: Bruce, Eddie, Andy, Ed, and Chris.

Favorite thing about driving vs biking and biking vs driving?
I was in better shape when I didn’t have a car, but now I can drive to any concrete park.

Favorite Southern Memory?
back in the day, I learned nose bonks and nose grinds there.

Favorite Baltimore skate memory from each of the past 3 decades?
When I was in high school, I won a contest when I skated for Sports Elite. Later on, a design opportunity arose for my friend’s skate shop and board company. And then I also witnessed the only concrete skatepark being built in the city in pigtown no less! It’s not much, but its better than nothing.

Gnarly Leg Bruise

Our Homey Ben from Fordham Films, was out filming with Zak Allegri, when this happened, he tells it best. Take care homey, get back on your board soon...

On Friday, I was skating Paul Revere with Zach. I pushed at the top of the bank, got some speed up, then dropped into the bank going pretty fast. At the bottom, I hit a rock, my board came to a stop, I tried to run it out going like 20 mph, had to run up the next step bank that I was going to skate up and my leg buckled. I thought I broke it at first, but after a couple moments I realized I didn't, but I knew I messsed it up. We had to hop the fence to skate this spot and I had to hop it with my bum leg again to get out. Zach had to drive my car home...haha. Later that night, it looked like I had a half of a grapefruit on the side of my leg, you could see if through my jeans and I don't wear those tight ones like certain dudes do these days. It was pretty much freakshow Ben. That swelling went away for the most part the next day I woke up and the colors started to come.

Last night (Tuesday), I got in the shower and I looked at my ankle and it looked super sprained. I was so pissed. I had no idea I messed it up. I guess the swelling went down around the knee area, letting the ankle finally swell up. Awesome! So, I have crutches and a pimp cane to get around. No skating for a couple of weeks for shizzle. If you want to see a pic of it, check the attachment. Mad bruises. I had it looked at and nothing is broken, just sprained. R.I.C.E. is how I have been rolling lately.


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Business Casual Skater

Konrad sent me this today along with his photo for this Friday's Fav's Featurette. Billy Rosser, this is you in 10 years - enjoy!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Pit Crew This Sunday!

Sticker Sighting

Chris Williams pulls off the modern equivalent of finding Waldo with this tag sticker that is still stuck somewhere in Fells Point.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Game of SKATE more photos

David Stuck sent us these sick photos from above the action Saturday.
And Dan Corrigan ended up beating out everyone at the end of the day.

Game of SKATE at Vu

Photos and video clips Konrad shot during the BBQ and game of S.K.A.T.E. at Vu Skateshop in Baltimore on Saturday. Thanks to everyone who came out and skated and to all of the heads who helped out.




GOLD COAST, 22 August 2008: Billabong International Limited today announced it has entered into an agreement to acquire the business of DaKine Hawaii, Inc., a leader in the premium accessories category within the surf, skate, snow and windsurf markets.

DaKine was founded in 1979 in Hawaii by Rob Kaplan and is currently based in Hood River, Oregon, one of the premier action sports venues in North America. The brand has developed a strong reputation as the global action sports industry’s leading provider of specialized backpacks and technical accessories with an excellent historical growth profile.

Billabong International Limited chief executive officer Derek O’Neill said the inclusion of a complementary, authentic and internationally proven boardsports brand added further depth to the Group.

“DaKine is well established within the boardsports sector and it is a brand that has built its reputation on the quality and reliability of its technical range,” said Mr. O’Neill.

“It has built a strong sales base in North America and a growing sales base in several international territories, making it a powerful addition to the Group.”

Billabong North America President Paul Naude’ said DaKine had particular strength in the ocean boardsports sector and had a 20-year history in the snow category with a strong offering in backpacks, bags, gloves and accessories.

“DaKine is a brand that leads the boardsports backpack category, excels in the surf accessories market in the ultimate testing ground of Hawaii and has excellent penetration in winter product categories including snow gloves,” said Mr. Naude’.

“It is a brand that is focused on function over fashion and this, together with a strong team of athletes and compelling marketing campaigns, has endeared it to active boardsports participants.”

DaKine founder Rob Kaplan said the sale presented synergies for both businesses and he welcomed the additional infrastructure Billabong offered to support future growth.

“Billabong and DaKine have both determined that each of us has complementary skills and strengths and together we have a compelling authentic offer,” said Mr. Kaplan.

Rob Kaplan will remain integrally involved as a key member of the DaKine management team and will be based in the brand’s regional office in Maui, Hawaii. All employees, along with the current management team, are being retained and will remain in the brand’s head office in Oregon.

DaKine is expected to contribute approximately 4% of Billabong International Limited’s Group sales in the 2008-09 financial year and is expected to be earnings per share positive in year one.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Seattle Fans I feel your pain

As a young child I too experienced a very traumatic lose. This quote from legendary Baltimore filmmaker Barry Levinson puts it perfectly
"It's very strange, and has always been strange, that we went from rooting for the blue and white and the horseshoe to vehemently rooting against it," he said in a telephone interview. "I have to admit that this is not rational behavior on my part, and my friends from out of town say I'm nuts, but I root against the Indianapolis Colts. I never want to see them win, ever. At the draft, I hope they make bad picks."
Hopefully the NBA will do the right thing and give you back your Super Sonics very soon.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Krux Kickflip Challenge

I randomly found this on youtube. Our homey Cam comes clean with 53 flippers on some rough asphalt. Flow guy James Williams holds it down winning the competition at the Annapolis stop for the Krux kickflip challenge. Keep it up and there could be a signature jean short in your future.

Truxton Jam!

There was a jam at the local park a few weeks back while the full team was at the virgin fest. The Dank crew was out filming and put this together. James and I held it down, and after the finals were unorganized and broke down Sevenfold Skateboards stepped it up and donated all the prizes for an extra finals round on the box, Cam wins it as the legit champ with the 180 flip nosegrind ender!

Monday, August 18, 2008

This Week in Skateboarding

There are a whole lot of great events going down this week. Pit Crew will have the C1rca team out in Frederick MD on Thursday. August 23rd is going to be a hot one no matter what time zone your location is. Ms. Downs is putting on a music festival in Mt Airy MD. Sevenfold Skateboards will be grilling and throwing a game of S.K.A.T.E. at Vu Skateboard Shop.
Stop by and take advantage of sick deals on decks all day long! Out in the Great Salt Lake our boys will holding it down in one of the most fun contest series in all of skateboarding SLUG magazines latest installment of the Summer of Death.
And on the west coast I'm sure you will run into SF Super Rep Jimmie Nelson a few blocks from his home at the Chili Bowl in the new Potrero Del Sol Skatepark.
What a great week for skateboarding!

Nags Head Park

Blose and I really need to get out of the office more often, in just a weeks worth of vacation each this summer, he and have more coverage than any other company owners out there. *(except maybe Rick Howard)

NC Street Plaza

Blose sent in these shots from a street plaza in the outer banks, photo credits go to his Mom and Aunt Lori. It's funny Teta just was down in the same area for a week and he didn't send back any skate photos, kids these days...

Friday, August 15, 2008

Maple Park NC

Even on Vacation Blose shows that you can't stop (frontside) rock and roll (switch or regs!)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Pretty Pictures

Our boy Bosco has added some new work to his site.